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Welcome to PacketLab!

PacketLab is a new measurement endpoint interface designed to facilitate endpoint sharing among the network measurement research community.

  • To try out our software package, including a reference PacketLab endpoint, experiment running utilities, and some example measurement applets, see Downloads (Latest release: v0.4.1 on 2022/10/24) and Tutorials.

For users who would like to get a quick taste of PacketLab without performing the full setup, see the IMC demo information page for more info on the try-it-out special bundle. External endpoint access included!

Cooperating with EdgeNet, users can now run example measurement applets on external PacketLab endpoints. See Tutorials for more information.

  • For documentation of the libpktlab utility library, see Docs.
  • To learn more about PacketLab, see About.

IMC’22 Demo Information