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We provide topic-oriented tutorials in the following on how to use the PacketLab software package. For newcomers, following through the Getting Started section is recommended. For users with specific goals, separate goal-oriented tutorials are also provided for people to easily navigate through the different topics.

Getting Started

Advanced Topics

  • Package File Structure - Additional information on the PacketLab software package file structure.
  • [Configurable Options for pktxpmgr] - Additional information on options supported by the experiment manager utility program pktxpmgr.
  • [Configurable Options for pktendpt] - Additional information on options supported by the reference endpoint program pktendpt.
  • [Intro to libpktlab] - A general overview of the functionality provided by the PacketLab general utility library libpktlab.
  • [Writing Custom Measurement Applets] - Guide on writing custom measurement applets.

Goal-oriented Tutorials

  • [Goal: conduct measurement study with EXISTING applets and endpoints]
  • [Goal: volunteer network resources via hosting an endpoint]
  • [Goal: conduct measurement study with CUSTOM applets and endpoints]

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